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Dear Colleague,

14th of the International Conference on Hydroscience & Engineering, ICHE 2022 will be held in Izmir, Turkey on 26-27 May,2022

The International Conference on Hydroscience & Engineering began in Washington DC in 1993, and followed by Beijing hosted ICHE in 1995, Cottbus (1998), Seoul (2000), Warsaw (2002), Brisbane (2004), Philadelphia (2006), Nagoya (2008), Chennai (2010), Orlando (2012), Hamburg (2014) Tainan (2016) and Chongqing (2018). These conferences provided a common ground researchers and engineers to report and discuss the latest scientific advancements and practitioner’s solutions in hydroscience and engineering.

ICHE 2022 conference aims to bring together researchers and practicing engineers to share the latest scientific and technological advancements in hydroscience and engineering, and will provide networking opportunities for future activities. Participants will be able to hear experts in the field discuss the latest achievements in issues relevant to Hydro-Engineering for Sustainable Development.

Co-chairs: Şebnem Elçi and Gökçen Bombar


May 26 - 27, 2022

Conference Themes 

  • Coastal and Maritime Hydraulics

  • Dam Hydraulics and Safety 

  • Computational Hydraulics and Turbulent flows

  • Water Resources and Climate Change

  • Fluvial Hydraulics and Waterway Navigation

  • Water Quality and Ecohydraulics

  • Watershed Hydrology and Management

  • Sediment Transport and Reservoir Sedimentation

  • Groundwater Flow and Contaminant Transport

  • Hydropower and Sustainable Energy

  • Urban Flooding and Drainage

  • Advances in Laboratory Measurements and Instrumentation

  • Field Measurements and Data Collection 

This conference is supported by TÜBİTAK


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